Workplace safety is a key to OSHA compliance, and labeling can help make that a reality.

Every facility contains many systems such as electrical, mechanical, air-handling, and plumbing systems. All of these systems require regular maintenance to keep running smoothly. Effective maintenance programs are an important part of every productive workplace. Maintenance workers often have many different jobs to do each day. Many of these jobs expose them to occupational risks. Having all the appropriate protections in place helps maintenance workers perform their job safely.

Reactive maintenance, such as repair or replacement of system components due to unscheduled equipment failure, is a common maintenance issue. Preventative maintenance, also called proactive maintenance, is scheduled to prevent problems before they happen. Proactive, regularly scheduled maintenance programs are designed to reduce system degradation and failure.

Maintenance workers include many different types of workers who do different tasks, such as mechanics, electricians, engineers, supervisors and many others. Maintenance workers often face higher safety risks due to constantly changing work environments where conditions may vary significantly from task to task. Exposure to challenging conditions is a common part of a maintenance workers day. Some of the risks are related to the work environment while other risks may be related to the tools or machines workers need to use. Other risks for maintenance workers include exposure to chemicals or energized equipment during routine maintenance operations.

One of the main goals for maintenance programs is to reduce maintenance related risks. A safe facility is an efficient and productive facility. Facility maintenance programs can be complex. Part of creating a safe environment for maintenance workers involves safety labeling to identify safety hazards in the workplace. The proper labeling of safety hazards is vital in every facility. Facility safety labeling can help prevent accidents, injuries and deaths related to occupational hazards. Accidents are more easily prevented when maintenance workers are aware of risks and dangers in their work environment.

The SafetyPro label printer lets you create custom safety labels where and when you need them. With the SafetyPro you can create quality customized safety labels that identify hazards specific to your facility and situation. Custom safety labels help improve overall safety awareness in your facility and are more likely to communicate hazards properly when compared with generic safety labels that you might order from a catalog. With custom labels you decide what quantity of labels you want. Whether you need one or whether you need a thousand you can create the exact number of labels you want and need with the SafetyPro label printer. When you print custom labels with the SafetyPro label printer, you eliminate the guesswork, you eliminate the wait, and you eliminate the wasted time. When the proper labeling is vital, use the SafetyPro label printer and supplies from Industrial Safety Solutions!